Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eye Treatment | City Eyes Optometry Center

Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eye Treatment | City Eyes Optometry Center

Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eye Treatment | City Eyes Optometry Center

Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a condition in which the eyes do not make enough lubrication to keep them healthy and comfortable. It can occur from the inability of the eyes to make enough tears. It can also be a result of the tears not having a perfect balance of oil, mucus, and water.

Most people who suffer from dry eye do so for only a short while. The condition then resolves itself, and the eyes become healthy again. But sometimes, the condition is persistent and may need treatment. One of the treatments that have been quite promising is specialty contact lenses.


What Are Specialty Contact Lenses?

These are lenses that are specifically created for patients with corneal conditions and other special problems. Regular contact lenses sit directly on the cornea; this may not work for people with corneal conditions. It makes them bad candidates for contact lens fitting. But with specialty contact lenses, they can correct their sight.

There are two types of specialty contact lenses suitable for people with dry eye. These are the rigid gas-permeable lenses and scleral lenses. These do not sit on the cornea, so they do not irritate it.


Rigid Gas-Permeable Lenses

The material that makes these contact lenses is gas-permeable. It allows oxygen to pass through the lenses to the cornea so that the eyes do
not dry out quickly. The rigidity also means that it does not sit directly on the cornea. It vaults over it, creating a tear film between the back of the lens and the cornea. The tear film hydrates and lubricates the eye, keeping it comfortable.


Scleral Lenses

These are larger rigid gas-permeable lenses. They are larger in diameter than the normal rigid gas-permeable lenses, thus are more comfortable. They vault over the whole cornea. They rest on the sclera or white of the eye, hence the name scleral lenses. The additional area means extra space for the tear film that lubricates the eye.


Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eye

These contact lenses do not just give relief to the wearer, but they also prevent the dry eye from worsening. There is no need for the patient to use eye drops that sometimes do not give adequate relief. The eye drops may also have preservatives that may worsen dry eye. There are many benefits of specialty lenses; here are a few.

  • They Do Not Irritate the Cornea as Other Contact Lenses Do

They do not sit on the cornea, hence they do not irritate it. Scleral lenses are comfortable as they sit on the sclera and not the cornea. They minimize irritation.

  • They Protect the Cornea

Dry eye makes the cornea vulnerable to injury, but specialty lenses protect them. Something as simple as blinking can further injure dry eyes. The lenses make sure there is no friction directly on the cornea and that it also has lubrication.

  • They Allow the Eye to Gain a Healthy Appearance

The protection and hydration of the eyes prevent redness, watering, and stringy mucus. They also allow the eyes to heal. They gain a healthier appearance and can stay healthy.

  • They Make Sure That There Is Constant Hydration for the Eyes

Soft lenses soak up the tears on the eye while these specialty lenses create a hydration film on them. They provide relief for the wearer as the eye can lubricate and receive nourishment.

For more on dry eye and specialty contact lenses, visit City Eyes Optometry Center at our office in Sherman Oaks, California. You can call (818) 960-1300 today to schedule an appointment.

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