Choosing the Right Frames for My Face | City Eyes Optometry Center

Choosing the Right Frames for My Face | City Eyes Optometry Center

Choosing the Right Frames for My Face | City Eyes Optometry Center

Choosing the Right Frames for My Face

There is a wide selection of stylish frames out there, and choosing the right ones will make you look and feel more attractive and confident. Since just picking any frame out there is not the best way to go about choosing the ideal frames, consider the following factors: 


The Shape of Your Face

Choose frames that complement the shape of your face. You can do this by pulling your hair back and looking at yourself in the mirror. Trace the shape of your face using a dry erase marker. This will help you determine the overall shape and contours of your face. 

Go for the frames that are ideal for the shape of your face. Almost all faces out there are either round, heart-shaped, triangular, square, oval, oblong, or diamond-shaped. 


Type of Undertones

People generally fall under three undertones: warm, cool, or neutral. People who fall into the warm category tend towards yellow, peachy, and golden undertones. These would look great in earthy and golden-colored frames. 

The cool category has people with pink, pale, or bluish hues. The ideal frame colors for these people are grays, blues, and blacks. The people who are somewhere between cool and warm are neutral. They will look great in peachy hues or a combination of the other two categories. 


Consider Your Personality

Sometimes you can break the rules and have frames that fit your personality. Do not be confined to shapes or colors. You can use frames to bring out your style. Round frames may not be for you, but you can always make them work. 



Pick frames that will fit your lifestyle. For instance, if you are very active, choose flexible frames. If you are more into corporate, choose more conservative frames. You can go for classic shapes such as ovals, rectangles, or almonds or try traditional colors such as gold, silver, gray, or black. Do not be afraid to be bold because your frames showcase your style.

Other things to take into consideration before purchasing your frames include:

  • Width of the Frame

Your frames should be a comfortable fit. If they are too big, they might slip off. If they are too small, they will create pressure points. Going for the wrong width is sure to lead to headaches.

  • The Nose and Bridge Relationship

The bridge of your frames must fit the width of your nose. If the bridge is too big, your glasses will keep slipping. This may be uncomfortable as you may need to adjust them regularly. Additionally, the optical center of your glasses will keep slipping and lead to inconveniences.

  • Width and Height of Glasses

If your frames are too small, your field of vision will be restricted. For a better fit, the frames should not be wider than your face. Additionally, your eyebrows should be visible.

  • Temples

The length of your temples will determine how comfortable your glasses will be. If they are too short, the glasses will be rigid, leading to pressure points and headaches. If the glasses leave too much room, then your frames will not have any hold.

For more information on the right frames for your face, visit City Eyes Optometry Center at our office in Sherman Oaks, California. You can call (818) 960-1300 today to book an appointment.

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