Does Digital Eye Strain Cause Dry Eyes? | City Eyes Optometry Center

Does Digital Eye Strain Cause Dry Eyes? | City Eyes Optometry Center

Does Digital Eye Strain Cause Dry Eyes? | City Eyes Optometry Center

Does Digital Eye Strain Cause Dry Eyes?

Technological advancements make it convenient and necessary to use digital devices for almost every function. People use digital devices for learning, shopping, socialization, and operating other devices. The amount of time people spend staring at a digital screen affects their eyes, causing digital eye strain. The longer you spend using digital devices, the worse the symptoms of eyestrain become. Among the significant signs of digital eye strain is dry eye. 


What Is Dry Eye? 


Dry eye is a condition in which the eyes lack adequate lubrication. It occurs when your eyes fail to produce enough tears or if they have poor-quality tears. The instability causes damage to the surface of your eyes and possible inflammation. The dryness feeling is also quite uncomfortable for you. Your eyes may start to burn or sting. 


Other symptoms of dry eye include: 


  • Feeling like you have a foreign object in your eyes. 

  • Eye redness. 

  • Light sensitivity. 

  • Feeling like scratching your eyes. 

  • Eyes produce stringy mucus. 

  • Eye fatigue. 

  • Blurred vision. 

  • Watery eyes as a response to the irritation. 


How Digital Eyestrain Causes Dry Eye 


Eyestrain causes dry eyes because you tend to focus your eyes so intently when using a digital device. You subconsciously blink less often, which causes your eyes to dry out. 


How to Avoid Dry Eye When Using Digital Devices 


1. It would help if you consciously blinked more. Whenever you use a digital device, intentionally blink more. It helps to keep your eyes moist and lubricated. 


2. An alternative solution is to get yourself some eye drops. Eye drops are a great source of lubrication and moisture. You can purchase them over the counter and apply them whenever your eyes feel dry. 


3. You may also try to adjust your environment by making the air around you less dry. Get a humidifier to increase moisture in the indoor air. If there are fans and vents blowing air to your face and eyes, if possible, place your desk looking away from them. Smoke may also irritate your eyes, worsening your dry eye symptoms. So, avoid smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke. 


4. Supplements are also a great way to improve your eye health. They help to relieve eyestrain and dry eye. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to improve dry eye symptoms. But, seek the opinion of your optometrist before starting out on any supplements. 


5. Keep yourself hydrated. If your body is dehydrated, your dry eye problems may shift from bad to worse. This is especially if you have to stare at a computer monitor all day at work or school. Dehydration may worsen your symptoms. So, stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. 


6. Visit an eye doctor. If you still cannot get relief after taking up the above suggestions, have your eyes evaluated by an eye doctor. The optometrist may prescribe some glasses or contacts to ease the eyestrain. He or she may also recommend some ointments or eye drops to keep your eyes from drying. 


To resolve dry eye or eyestrain, seek medical help from our clinic. Visit the City Eyes Optometry Center in Sherman Oaks in California. You can also call 818-960-1300 to request an appointment. 

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