How Do I Cure Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common condition that can be temporary or chronic. Chronic dry eye can mean that the symptoms may improve or worsen, but the condition is never completely cured. Dry eye occurs when the eyes fail to produce enough tears or the tears evaporate too fast. 


The condition can also result from inflammation around or in the eye. Treating the underlying cause helps reduce dry eye symptoms. You can learn how to cure dry eye. 


Using Artificial Tears


There are OTC medications that can help treat dry eye. It is vital to realize that some medications lead to dry eye. Switching the medicine can help reduce the symptoms. OTC eye drops, or artificial tears, are the most common way to treat dry eye. 


The drops help keep the eyes moist, and they are ideal for mild to moderate dry eye. The medication is available in ointments, but they tend to cause cloudy vision and should be used before sleep. 


Prescription Medications


Eye doctors prescribe medications that help treat dry eye. The medicine can be oral or in eye drops, and they help with chronic dry eye. Most of them help reduce eyelid inflammation, which occurs when oil glands fail to produce enough oil for the tears. 


Prescription antibiotics can help stimulate oil production. Anti-inflammatory medication can help treat dry eye due to inflammation. The drugs include cyclosporine (Restasis®) and lifitegrast (Xiidra®).


Special Contact Lenses 


There are contact lenses designed to reduce dry eye symptoms. The prescription lenses protect the surface of the eye and prevent loss of moisture. This option is ideal when the condition results from the fast evaporation of tears. 


People with dry eye find it uncomfortable to wear regular contacts. Special lenses can help correct vision while preventing dry eye.


Using Eye Inserts


When prescription medications fail to work, the doctor may offer eye inserts. These are small medication tubes that are inserted like contacts in the eye. The clear tubes resemble grains of rice and are inserted between the eyeball and lower lid. They release medicine, keeping the eye moist throughout the day. 


Closing the Tear Ducts 


When less invasive methods fail to treat dry eye, the doctor may prescribe a procedure to close the tear ducts. Silicone punctal plugs are inserted to plug the tear ducts completely or partially. They prevent tear drainage, allowing the tears to remain in the eyes longer. They are removable when necessary. 


LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation 


LipiFlow thermal pulsation is a procedure that helps clear oil glands that have a blockage. This involves using a technology that applies light therapy and massage to the eyelids. The intense-pulsed light therapy procedure takes about 12 minutes, helping stimulate the oil glands. It is ideal for severe dry eyes. 


There is no permanent cure for dry eye, but treatment can help manage or reduce the symptoms. Home remedies such as using a warm eye compress, taking omega-3 supplements, and drinking plenty of water can help. 


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