Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eyes | City Eyes Optometry Center

Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eyes | City Eyes Optometry Center

Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eyes | City Eyes Optometry Center

Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is the result of not having enough lubrication on the eye’s surface, leading to irritated eyes or inflammation. You can also end up with scarring on your eye’s surface if dry eyes remain untreated.


Primary Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

When you have dry eye syndrome, you will feel a variety of symptoms. Not only do your eyes feel irritated, but you might have a few more signs indicating that your eyes need lubrication. Itchy or burning eyes can also be an indication of dry eye syndrome.

Your eyes can also feel heavy and tired regularly. Soreness is also common as your eyes do not get enough moisture. Eyes can appear with redness as they experience irritation. You can experience photophobia, which is a sensitivity to light, in addition to having blurry vision.

One of the other symptoms of dry eye syndrome is watery eyes. While that seems counterintuitive, note that dryness overstimulates tear production but the tears do not stay in your eyes to give enough moisture.


Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

Having continuous lubrication from your tears is part of what keeps your eyes healthy and comfortable. Tears naturally clean the eye, in addition to keeping your eyes moisturized. When your eyes cannot make enough tears, you end up with tears or eye infections.

Oils, water, and mucin are the three things that makeup tears. If any of these components are not being created by the responsible glands, the result is imbalanced lubrication. When a part is missing, or there is not enough of one, the result is dry eyes.

Other factors can also contribute to dry eye syndrome. Staring at a screen for hours on end, wearing contacts, getting older, your environment, various health conditions, and issues with your eyelid are all contributors. Trauma to the eye can also be a catalyst.

Studies show that the amount of time staring at a screen especially affects the development of dry eye syndrome. The research finds that as you stare at a screen, you tend to blink less. Less blinking means less natural lubrication around your eye. Scientists also find that when you limit screen time, other activities protect against dry eye syndrome.


Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Your doctor needs to confirm if you are suffering from dry eye syndrome. As it is, other issues could also cause your symptoms. A comprehensive examination allows your doctor to make that diagnosis and for you to receive appropriate treatment.

There is a variety of treatments available for dry eye syndrome. You might be able to take regular breaks from your screen to relieve minor symptoms. Alternatively, you may be prescribed eye drops or medications if your issue is more severe. Surgical procedures may also be an option to assist tear secretion in decreasing inflammation and eye irritation.

If you have any questions or want more information, contact City Eyes Optometry Center at 818-960-1300 to book an appointment at our Sherman Oaks, California location.

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