The Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eye Symptoms

Millions of people suffer from dry eye syndrome. This is a condition where patients experience eyes that are itchy, dry, irritated, and even painful. Artificial tears and eye drops can provide some relief, but it is usually temporary. 

The drops can also contain a preservative, which means that one should not use them too frequently in one day. Most people do not get enough relief from the medication. Most people are turning to specialty lenses to find relief. There are several benefits of specialty contact lenses for dry eye symptoms. 

They Do Not Irritate the Cornea

A huge benefit of specialty lenses is that, unlike regular contacts, they do not irritate the cornea. Most people who have dry eye syndrome cannot wear regular contacts because the lens rests on the cornea. 

Apart from being irritating to the cornea, regular contacts soak up moisture from the eye surface. On the other hand, specialty lenses vault over the sensitive cornea. They do not touch the white surface, thus reducing irritation. 

Ensuring Constant Eye Hydration

A benefit of specialty contact lenses is that they provide constant hydration to the eyes. The space between the lens and the cornea surface is full of a saline solution that provides hydration. 

The solution offers much-needed relief for people with dry eye condition. An antibiotic, as well as artificial tears, can be added into the lens bowl before they are inserted. The fluid helps lubricate and promote the healing of the eye surface.

Protecting the Corneal Surface

Specialty lenses are beneficial for protecting the cornea. Dry eye condition leaves the eye surface more sensitive than normal. The corneas are more vulnerable to getting injured. A simple action such as blinking the eyelids can irritate and even injure the cornea due to the friction. 

Specialty lenses function as a shield between the outside environment and eyelids and the patient’s eyes. This shield offers protection from further irritation or eye damage. 

A Healthy Eye Appearance

A common symptom of dry eye syndrome is redness. The eyes appear extremely bloodshot and unhealthy. The continuous irritation or injury caused by blinking and insufficient hydration leave the eyes looking red. 

Specialty contact lenses are very beneficial for preventing red eyes. Apart from functioning as a shield and providing constant hydration, the lenses have a therapeutic role. They help the eyes heal, allowing for a much healthier appearance.

Improving the Quality of Life

Specialty lenses can help improve the quality of life. Patients who have dry eyes experience pain, eye exhaustion, and discomfort. Many people end up with serious confidence issues due to eye redness. 

There is a reduction of the urge to rub the eyes following frequent application of eye drops. The lenses provide vision correction, protect the eyes, and offer needed lubrication. These factors help improve the patient’s quality of life. 

Patients who use specialty lenses do not need to use artificial tears or eye drops frequently. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, talk to the eye specialist about scleral lenses. 

For more on the benefits of specialty contact lenses, visit City Eyes Optometry Center at our office in Sherman Oaks, California. You can call (818) 960-1300 today to schedule an appointment.

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