Tips for Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the best option for individuals who prefer not to wear prescription eyeglasses. Almost every patient can wear them as corrective eyewear. However, they require a lot of care to ensure you reduce your risk of getting infections and retain eye health. Below are some tips to help you care for your contact lenses.


Follow Instructions


Following the guidelines your eye doctor gives you for contact lenses is essential. Also, being keen to follow what the manufacturer instructs will help you take proper care of your contacts. You will know when to re-disinfect and how best to store them. Storing your contacts for up to 30 days without disinfecting can harm your eyes. 


It is also ideal to go for eye examination appointments. Staying with the same contact lenses for a long time may require a different fitting. Your cornea can change its shape over time. Therefore, going to get the proper prescription and fit is ideal. Your doctor will give you instructions to help you get the most out of your contacts. 


Handle Your Contacts With Care


Cleanliness is vital when handling contact lenses. Ensure your hands are always clean and free of foreign substances before touching your contacts.


It is essential to wash your hands thoroughly by using mild soaps. Rinse them with clean water, then dry them using a lint-free towel before touching your contacts.


Using soaps that have lotions, cold creams, or oils before touching your contacts can interfere with the success of wearing them. Use your fingertips and not your fingernails to handle the lenses. You can make this easy by keeping your nails smooth and short.


Clean Them Carefully


Following a basic cleaning regimen is essential in keeping your contacts in top shape. Below are some of the steps you can follow:


  • Wash your hands - Avoid transferring germs to the lenses by always handling them with clean hands.

  • Rub the contacts - Rub the lenses in your palms using the recommended solution. Doing so rids it of protein buildup or any debris.

  • Rinse - Use a solution to rinse the contacts for the directed time in the package. Doing so will remove any fragments on the lenses.

  • Store in a new solution - Do not use a solution you used during the previous day. It can cause infections and may not disinfect your contacts properly.

  • Repeat - Always repeat the steps above to ensure you have clean contact lenses. Remember not to use tap water for cleaning. Water has microorganisms that can damage your sight. Also, avoid placing the lenses in your mouth at all costs. 


Take Care of the Contact Case


It is essential to have clean contact lens cases. Rinse them using a sterile contact solution and not water. After doing so, leave them to air dry while open. Replace them after every three months, and in case they become damaged or cracked, replace them right away.


Storing Your Contact Lenses


You should know the side of the case your contacts should always face during storage. Always store the lenses separately because each eye has a different prescription. Even if you are sure they are the same, try to separate them to avoid infection.


Fill your contact case with a lens solution to soak your contacts for at least six hours each night to avoid infections. There are contacts solutions meant for disinfecting rigid contacts. They can irritate the eyes if you do not soak the lenses for the required time. They do so because they are not saline but disinfecting and can only neutralize during the required six hours.


For more about contact lenses, call City Eyes Optometry Center at (818) 960-1300 to reach our office in Sherman Oaks, California. 

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