When Should You Be Concerned About Dry Eye? | City Eyes Optometry Center

When Should You Be Concerned About Dry Eye? | City Eyes Optometry Center

When Should You Be Concerned About Dry Eye? | City Eyes Optometry Center

When Should You Be Concerned About Dry Eye?

Dry eyes are a common occurrence. With time, you may learn to live with the condition. But when the symptoms start to get chronic, it can strip you of the things you love doing. You may have to change schedules and stay indoors at times.


These would be preventative measures to avoid allergens or other substances that trigger dry eyes. You may have to stay indoors in autumn and winter to escape pollen and wind that worsen dry eye syndrome.


Here are some points to help you know if your dry eyes are now an issue of concern. If so, ensure you see a doctor.


More Symptoms


In addition to your symptoms worsening, you may develop other symptoms. Remember, dry eyes can be a symptom of other conditions. Therefore, the increase in symptoms could be an indication of its worsening. 


Conditions like autoimmune diseases affect your tear glands. As they worsen, you will notice more symptoms. To confirm, you need to book an appointment with a doctor who has experience treating dry eyes. They will perform some tests, and as you wait for the results, they may recommend eye drops to help you cope.


Symptoms Are Worsening


Dry eyes may be seasonal. In these cases, they resolve by themselves without treatment. However, you may notice that the symptoms do not disappear. They keep worsening, and since the condition can impair your vision, it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


The doctor will check your eyes and diagnose the cause of the dry eyes. Afterward, they will recommend treatment to help you deal with the underlying cause.


Not Responding to Medication


As the symptoms worsen, they may stop responding to over-the-counter medication. You may need a stronger prescription if these do not provide lubrication. The best action is to see a doctor who will prescribe it. They may also incorporate other treatments that may alleviate your condition. 


The medication will reduce inflammation and lubricate your eyes. It will help you return to your daily activities and regain your life.


Difficulty Keeping Eyes Open


Sometimes, the eye dryness may get so severe that it becomes hard to keep your eyes open. It makes it hard to read, drive, and work. However, artificial tears can give some relief. As you use these, you should book an appointment with the doctor. They may prescribe a stronger prescription or suggest other, more permanent treatments.


Eye Injury


Chronic dry eye can improve with over-the-counter medication. However, the symptoms may worsen and result in infections that may injure your eyes. If this happens, you should seek medical attention immediately. Other signs of injury that you may look out for include pain, redness, or a burning sensation. Avoid ignoring them and waiting for them to self-resolve.




Avoid taking time and waiting for the symptoms to disappear when you notice any of the above. Go to a doctor and get a prescription. Otherwise, you may end up with vision loss.


For more information on dry eye syndrome, call City Eyes Optometry Center at (818) 960-1300 to reach our office in Sherman Oaks, California.

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