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How Long Does It Take to See Results From LipiFlow®?

LipiFlow® is an FDA-cleared, cutting-edge treatment for dry eye syndrome caused by meibomian gland dysfunction or MGD. You may have heard or read that clogged oil glands are part of what causes dry eyes. Tears consist of three layers-the water (aqueous), oil (lipid), and mucus layers-that lubricate your eyes.

How Do I Cure Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common condition that can be temporary or chronic. Chronic dry eye can mean that the symptoms may improve or worsen, but the condition is never completely cured. Dry eye occurs when the eyes fail to produce enough tears or the tears evaporate too fast. 

Benefits of Contact Lenses vs. Glasses

Choosing to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses depends on your individual preference. Comfort, lifestyle, convenience, esthetics, and budget are all critical factors to consider when making your decision.

What Is OptiLight, and How Can It Manage Your Dry Eye?

What is OptiLight for dry eyes? With dry eyes, your eyes are not making enough tears or are producing tears that evaporate too quickly. That leaves your eyes with little or no moisture to keep them nourished and healthy.

Top Tips for Choosing Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing frames to suit your face shape can be an overwhelming task. It is especially true when picking from a variety of eye frames online. There are so many shapes, colors, and styles to select from. You may also not have the luxury of physically trying them on. Where do you start? Here are some tips to help you choose the right frames for your face.

Eye Health Checklist for a Healthier New Year

The beginning of a new year is a good time to make plans to improve your lifestyle. You will enjoy your life more if you adopt habits that promote overall wellness. Taking care of your eye health should be at the top of your list this year. 

Importance of an Eye Exam

Most people will invest in going to the doctor and the dentist regularly. However, few will invest in getting an eye exam regularly. Your eyes are as important to your body as your teeth and other organs. Looking after your eyes is just as important as looking after the rest of your body.

The Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses for Dry Eye Symptoms

Millions of people suffer from dry eye syndrome. This is a condition where patients experience eyes that are itchy, dry, irritated, and even painful. Artificial tears and eye drops can provide some relief, but it is usually temporary. 

How to Cure Dry Eye Symptoms During the Fall Season

Dry eye disease is one of the most common eye conditions, characterized by the eye’s inability to remain wet. This can lead to various uncomfortable symptoms. It can also cause vision problems. There is no permanent cure for this condition, but there are several options to reduce and manage the symptoms.

How to Know if your Child has Amblyopia

Also known as a ‘lazy eye’, amblyopia is a fairly common condition estimated to affect around 1 in 50 children in the United States. Although not serious, without treatment, children with amblyopia can find that their vision becomes impaired enough to affect their quality of life, including their ability to learn at school.

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