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How to Cure Dry Eye Symptoms During the Fall Season

Dry eye disease is one of the most common eye conditions, characterized by the eye’s inability to remain wet. This can lead to various uncomfortable symptoms. It can also cause vision problems. There is no permanent cure for this condition, but there are several options to reduce and manage the symptoms.

How to Know if your Child has Amblyopia

Also known as a ‘lazy eye’, amblyopia is a fairly common condition estimated to affect around 1 in 50 children in the United States. Although not serious, without treatment, children with amblyopia can find that their vision becomes impaired enough to affect their quality of life, including their ability to learn at school.

Choosing the Right Frames for My Face

There is a wide selection of stylish frames out there, and choosing the right ones will make you look and feel more attractive and confident. Since just picking any frame out there is not the best way to go about choosing the ideal frames, consider the following factors: 

Am I a Qualified Candidate for Lasik?

According to the Laser Eye Institute, more than 10 million Americans have had LASIK eye surgery since the FDA approved it in 1999. If you are one of the 90 percent of adults between 18 and 65 years old who are qualified candidates for LASIK, you can enjoy its benefits, too.

Why Is OptiLight® the Most Effective Solution for Dry Eye Management?

The Food and Drug Administration has given De Novo authorization for OptiLight®. Lumenis Ltd. is responsible for creating this innovative device. OptiLight improves dry eye disease symptoms. If you want to find out why OptiLight is the most effective treatment for dry eye syndrome, here is what you should know.

Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is the result of not having enough lubrication on the eye’s surface, leading to irritated eyes or inflammation. You can also end up with scarring on your eye’s surface if dry eyes remain untreated.

Do I Need Specialty Contact Lenses?

Many people do not realize that one type of contact lenses will not fit everyone. There are many reasons why different people need different types of contact lenses. Some people even need lenses shaped to fit their unique eye shape. Others may have a particular vision problem that requires specialized lenses.

Protect Your Eyes at Work: Top Tips

Many people overlook many things that are important to their eye health. Some oversights, including everyday lifestyle decisions, can end up taking a toll on your vision. Here are a few tips on some of the changes you can make to safeguard your eyesight.

Top 10 Tips to Save Your Vision

People don’t really give much thought to their eye health until they start having vision problems. Sadly, some eye diseases have mild to no symptoms in their early stages. You might not be aware that your vision has already changed as years go by. Some of these can impact the way you see, or worse, even result in permanent visual impairment or blindness. The good news is that even simple precautionary steps can help prevent the onset or slow down the progression of an eye condition. Here are 10 tips that can help save your vision.

What Causes Myopia?

Myopia is a vision condition in which individuals are unable to see objects that are far away clearly. They can see things or objects that are close quite clearly, but those far away appear blurry.

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